Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Healthy Living


Award-winning water filtration. With whole house, under the sink, tabletop, and showerhead options.

Berkey Filters

High Grade Water Filters

BioBalance Now

Mold Cleaning Treatment Kits

Austin Air

Air Filters with HEPA tech.
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Dynamic Neural Retraining System

A self-directed program that helps reverse limbic system impairment.

The Gupta Program

Retrain your brain with 15 interactive video sessions and 12 weeks of coaching webinars directly with Ashok.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Vital Reaction

Hydrogen Tablets & Inhalers

Paleo Valley

Nutrient-Dense Food

Higher Dose

Infrared Sauna Blanket, Infrared Mat, and Infrared Travel Mat.

High Tech Health

Infrared Saunas


Customizable bedding systems that let you choose your recovery temperature to fall into deep, restorative sleep.