At The Pratt Clinics we truly listen and care about our patients.

We spend the time to really understand your case. Many people that come to see us have seen a long line of other doctors. We strive to understand your life story through a lens of naturopathic medicine. We take a very extensive history to know all about the many facets of your health.

 We believe the environment you have been exposed to also plays a roll in your health. We strategically analyze your case as a timeline of symptoms and dis-ease from the time you were born. When we take a through history, and listen to you, we can come up with the best plan to treat the root issues impacting your health. We will interpret any labs your MD, DO, or other health care providers have run. Many times health lies in more narrow ranges on standard blood work. We will also find the specific tests or labs that you might need in order to get the full picture of your case.

 At The Pratt Clinics, we have a strong moral and ethical code to offer you our very best medicine. We will only run the tests necessary and we offer you our cost for those tests. As Naturopathic Doctors, we are experts in physiology, biochemistry, and nutrition. We know how the body is designed to work in health. We truly have compassion and desire for you to reach your health goals and needs.

Qualities of our clinic:

  • Listening
  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Moral code
  • Belief in your body’s ability to heal