Areas of Practice


Neurological Conditions

The nervous system has always fascinated me and I have dedicated my practice of medicine to helping people find answers to tough questions about this complex system. Many of my patients have seen other practitioners without finding the root cause of why their nervous system is dysfunctional or symptomatic. I use my unique methods to find the underlying cause and treat your nervous system.


Immune Dysfunction

The immune system is at the root of many health issues. Understanding how the immune system has become over or under reactive is important to treating difficult or stubborn cases such Asthma or Eczema. By learning about what causes the immune system to go rogue and treating it from the root cause you can cure many life long diseases. 

digestive disorders

Digestive Disorders

Health starts in the digestive tract. Your nervous system, immune system and endocrine system all are severely impacted by your digestive health. How well do you digest your food? How well do you absorb your nutrients? How much energy do you have after you eat? Are you getting the right nutrients? These are some of questions I ask in order to treat your digestive system. By treating the causes of your digestion problem with my approach, you are optimizing your entire body and emotional state. You would be surprised on how my methods in digestive disorders can help with other ailments you might be faced with.



I have always been passionate about helping children. I feel very comfortable working with children and understanding their health needs. I have worked with children since my early teens. It only made sense when I went to medical school that I would focus my studies on pediatrics. The beauty of treating children is that they are usually clear about showing symptoms. When I see symptoms I think of an engine light turning on. Their bodies are showing us that something is out of balance. Western medicine turns off the engine light by treating the symptoms with a drugs or surgery. Instead, my method focuses on how to treat the disease from the original problem so they can thrive. I devote myself to helping children succeed in their health and well-being; there is nothing better than to see a child smile, feel confident, and succeed at their goals.


Women’s Health

Women’s bodies are complex. By understanding the complexity of all the systems of female’s body and how they interact, my methods can treat the root cause of your symptoms. Rhythm and routine are essential to the woman’s endocrine and nervous system health. How are you impacted by the change in the seasons? How much exercise, fresh air and light do you get? How restful is your sleep? How much sleep do you get? What kind of foods are you craving? Where are your moods tracking? I take all of my experiences of treating woman’s health to promote healing and nurture a balanced and efficient body.


Men’s Health

In my experience men wait until they have many symptoms that have been going on for a long time before they make an appointment to see a doctor. You can optimize your health and prevent illness if you prioritize your health. One way making your health a priority is by seeing me for preventative care. My methods are excellent at treating male health conditions.

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Sadly, we live in a toxic world. You are exposed to toxins when you breath, drink, and eat. Studies have shown that newborn babies have over 200 industrial toxic chemicals in their blood. So from the beginning of life, our bodies are trying to handle toxic burden. There are lifestyle choices and therapies that can decrease your toxic load and turn your health around. Toxic exposure can change the nutritional needs of your metabolic pathways and also impact your genetic expression. These changes to your genes and your metabolic pathways can cause long term and short term diseases.


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