Sadly, we live in a toxic world. You are exposed to toxins when you breathe, drink, and eat. Studies have shown that newborn babies have over 200 industrial toxic chemicals in their blood. So from the beginning of life, our bodies are trying to handle a toxic burden. There are lifestyle choices and therapies that can decrease your toxic load and turn your health around. Toxic exposure can change the nutritional needs of your metabolic pathways and also impact your genetic expression. These changes to your genes and your metabolic pathways can cause long-term and short-term diseases.

One example of this situation is a person who comes in complaining of feeling nauseous, stomach pains, and extremely fatigued. This adult also has a child with learning problems and trouble focusing in school.  After a careful history and review of symptoms, I find that they just moved into a new house. All the off-gassing of the paint, furniture, particleboard, and carpet is causing a toxic reaction. You would be surprised how many ways the body can react to toxic exposure. Once we stop the exposure and treat the body, you can take back your health. 

The following are some of the detoxification conditions I treat:

  1. Methylation
  2. Epigenetics
  3. Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  4. Heavy Metals
  5. Environmental Toxicity


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