Check Out the Facelift We Gave

My name is Dr. Shelese Pratt, N.D., (Naturopathic Doctor). I’m excited to invite you to check out our new Website and all of the useful health information at My new Website offers dynamic, up to date information on naturopathic medicine and Brain Integration Technique (BIT). With frequent updates to the site, and my bi-weekly blog, you will have a great health resource at your fingertips. I’m happy to help you find ways to keep your family healthy!

Here’s a little bit about me: I specialize in pediatric neurology and I’m also a family practice doctor.  I use classical homeopathy, nutrition (diet and nutritional supplements), botanicals, and hydrotherapy. I treat patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Cerebral Palsy, PVL, Global Development Delay, Angelman Syndrom, learning difficulties (ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia), sensory processing disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, and mood disorders. In addition to classical naturopathic medical protocols, I employ Crossinology’s Brain Integration Technique (BIT) in my practice. I treat patients (national and international), at my main clinic in Niwot, Colorado, as well as my Fairfield, Connecticut office.

Rather than just treat your symptoms, I provide treatment that will heal the root cause of your issue. Visit me at today or call 303-652-0978. Like us on Facebook.

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