Brain Integration

The Effect of Acupressure on Standardized Tests (PDF)

McCrossin, Susan. “The Effect of Acupressure Treatment on Standard Intelligence Test Scores and Reading Comprehension for Children with Learning Difficulties.” An alternative model of learning disorders is based on recent neurophysiological findings that suggest it is the timing and


The Effect of BIT on Cortical Activity (PDF)

McCrossin, Susan Effect of the Brain Integration Technique (BIT) on Cortical Activity, Auditory Short-term Memory Performance and Reading Comprehension Describes Brain Integration Technique (BIT) and Susan McCrossin’s study that utilized an EEG method known as Steady State Visually Evoked


BIT For Learning Disabilities (PDF)

McCrossin, Susan. “The Brain Integration Technique for the Correction of Learning Difficulties: For improving brain and body functioning.” Describes how Brain Integration Technique (BIT) can help those who have long-term, on-going loss of brain integration resulting from experiences traumatic



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