Be Prepared for Flu Season

It’s Flu Season!

Getting the flu is no fun and it seems like everyone is getting it this year. This is probably why so many people are asking ‘How can I prevent the flu this year?’. No matter if you had the vaccine or not, people are struggling and here are things you can do to keep your family healthy.

We highly recommend these lifestyle choices to keep you healthy.

  • Don’t share food and beverages.
  • Don’t eat off the same utensils. 
  • Wash your hands and stay clear of people who are sick.  
  • Get 8 hours of quality sleep at night.  If you don’t know how well you are sleeping check out the Oura ring.
  • Manage your stress with yoga or meditation.
  • Try intermittent fasting. This means only eat between 8 am and 6 pm. Eat regular meals during this eating window but do not skip meals during this time of year. It is very hard on your adrenals and you will get sick if your adrenals are stressed.  
  • Avoid sugar and high carbohydrate foods. Spiking your blood sugar is the fastest way to inhibit your immune system from working well.
  • Get more sunlight by getting outside and taking a walk. Even short walks count.
  • Get in the infrared sauna and keep sweating everyday.
  • Practice Deep Abdominal Breathing. Breathing exercises help boost your ability to circulate your blood properly so you can fend off pathogens. 
  • Stay hydrated. Drink ½ of your body weight in ounces per day. If you weigh 150 lbs, you will need 75 oz of water/day. If you drink coffee or other caffeine, you will need to add a 8 oz of water per caffeinated beverage.

These are nutrients needed to keep you healthy during the flu season. (Xymogen products can be purchased on with my doctors code PRATT4LIFE.)

  1. Increase your vitamin D to 5,000 IU during the winter months. If you know your vitamin D level is over 60, you only need 2,000 IU.
  2. Take Immune Essentials, Elderberry, and Immunotix 250 to prevent the flu and colds.
  3. Increase vitamin C to 2,000 mg per day.
  4. Double your dose of probiotic.
  5. Drink Organic Bone Broth!

What to do if you start to feel the flu coming on?

  1. Take 30,000 IU of vitamin A for 5 days. Do not take high dose vitamin A for too long, overtime high doses can be toxic to your liver. In the short term it is a great anti-viral.
  2. Take Occillococcinum by Boiron labs.  1 tube 3x/day.
  3. Continue your probiotic.
  4. Take Viral Guard or Flu)ex. We have the Panaxea formulations in our office pharmacy, please call us to stock up.
  5. Drink plenty of electrolytes and water.
  6. Rest
  7. Try the warming sock treatment to reduce a fever.
  8. Call my office if you need more help, have any questions or want to know more on how these help you.

Your health is determined by your lifestyle more than the virus. This means if you take care of your immune system, adrenals, blood sugar, and support yourself with nutrients; you can beat the flu! If you get sick, give us a call

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