Hear Dr. Shelese Pratt and Many Others at the Dirty Gene Summit Today!

My talk today is going to be EPIC.  I’ll be sharing about: How Genetic Testing Should be Interpreted

Genetics are SO cool. It’s like having a window into our past AND into our future.


It shows you that you are never a victim of circumstance.

You have control.

You are a beautiful individual designed to thrive.

Yes, you carry the genes passed down, but you tell your body which markers to turn off and on.

You are in charge, and this event is your starting point.  Click here to get my talkand hear dozens of other leaders share their best information on…

How Do Your Genes Impact You?

Cleaning Your Genes With Food

Your Genes and Your Mental Health

Altering Your Genetic Expression

The Building Blocks of Healthy Families (and generations!)

Understanding How Your Genes Work

Genetic Testing and How to Clean Up Your Genes for the Long Term

If you haven’t done so yet, please click here to sign up for The Dirty Genes Summit and hear my talk today.

No cost – just priceless information.

To your health,

Dr. Shelese Pratt

PS: This is your life – it is not the dress rehearsal. There’s no do over. Click here to get my talk and let it inspire you today – and maybe define some good things for tomorrow.

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