Dr. Pratt”s Latest Talk on Autism

Check out Dr Pratt’s latest talk that covers autism.

The following is an outline of what she covers with the owners of Paleo Valley.

Dr. Pratt’s story: 4:03  
Why autism rates keep rising:  9:12
Common symptoms of Autism: 13:05
Different Types of Autism: 17:06 
What her success rates are (this will make you smile!): 19:53 
Epigenetic’s and how they’re related to Autism: 28:32
Common nutrient deficiencies associated with Autism: 31:20
How to get your children to eat more veggies: 35:45
Her favorite supplements for autistic children: 37:35 
Three practical tips for reducing environmental factors: 43:42 
Connect with Dr. Pratt: 51:36
And so much more!

Click here to listen now.

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