Sean’s Story

“My son has been seeing Dr. Pratt for almost 2 years. When we first saw Dr. Pratt my son was displaying symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. We initially came to her Colorado practice for Brain Integration Technique therapy but I very quickly realized that there was more to the human body than I realized. I was new to the idea that recovery from autism was possible. So very slowly, Dr. Pratt increased my awareness and education on how the body and brain are connected, how autism is not a disorder of the brain but of the gut. She allowed me to come to my own conclusions about the path we needed to take, thankfully she steered me onto the right one. I had a lot to learn!

I began reading books on the topic to learn all I could and finally felt that we were on the right path. We started with some testing and supplements and once we changed his diet to remove processed food, sugar, gluten, casein, soy and corn, things began to change rapidly. He had increased language, awareness, presence and reduced anxiety. His skin cleared up and his eyes were brighter. He started playing with his younger sisters, one of them for the first time, as he could not relate to her before. Once I became educated on the biomedical approach to healing, everything made sense and seeing my son get better solidified that belief. It has not all been easy, changing your lifestyle and diet is a challenge but we feel very supported by Dr. Pratt. It’s a long road to recovery but the rewards are great along the way. My son has almost recovered from his symptoms and we owe all of this to Dr. Pratt. We are very thankful to have crossed her path at the right time in our journey.”

– EI, Rye, NY