Check Out Our Newest BIT Practitioner, Caroline Wilten

Hello.  My name is Caroline Wilten and I am a certified Brain Integration Technique (BIT) practitioner, having recently joined The Pratt Clinics.  I found BIT eight years ago when I was searching for answers for my son’s learning challenges. BIT made such a large impact for my son and our family, that I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about it and become a practitioner myself, learning from Susan McCrossin at The Crossinology® Institute.  Brain Integration offers a natural, drug-free alternative proven to resolve learning difficulties.  I find it to be another piece of the puzzle for many people who are searching for answers for themselves or their children.  I’ve been so personally gratified when I’ve been able to help those I’ve treated and see the impact of my work. I’ve had successes with this work such as an 8-year-old who moved up to his grade-level reading group, a middle schooler who says she feels more focused and her teachers are calling on her more, a high schooler whose anxiety has dramatically decreased, and a woman in her 30’s who is now reading books and enjoying them.  I’m excited to share this modality with others and I’m thrilled to be joining this amazing team. I’m looking forward to meeting and sharing BIT with you. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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