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See the following links for information about homeopathy: Homeopathy Information Hahnemann Laboratories Hahnemann Laboratories: About Homeopathy


Lab Testing

See the following information about lab testing:  Cyrex Labs US BioTek DiagnosTechs Genova Diagnostics Oxford Biomedical Technologies Doctors Data QuickSilver Scientific Great Plains Laboratory Quest Diagnostics


Therapies and Referral Partners

Home » Resources » Therapies and Referral Partners Therapies and Referral Partners Apr.10.2014 | Naturopathic Medicine, Handouts & Info Sites Click the following names for information on these great therapists and referral partners: Anat Baniel Method (ABM) Marcy Lindhimer Andrew Tarr Barbara Horwitch



Cookbooks  Kid Friendly Autism Cookbook The Autoimmune Paleo-Plan Autoimmune-Disease: The Clean-Eating-Cookbook The Autoimmune Epidemic Friendly Food The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book Biomedicine Books Healing The New Childhood Epidemics Autism: Pathways To Recovery (PDF) Biological Treatments for Autism &



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