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Dr. Pratt’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Ideally, a six-week elimination diet assesses food intolerances and irritants accurately.  A favorable response can occur within two weeks, but it is rare. • Omit food intolerances and irritants from the diet for six weeks.  • Reintroduce suspected food


Dr. Pratt’s Spring Smoothie

Spring Smoothie 1 cup of cilantro 2 stalks of fennel 1 slice of lemon with the rind 1/2 avocado peeled 1/2 organic green apple 16 oz. of water 1 cup of watercress or endive Blend until smooth.


Wet Sock Treatment to Battle the Flu

Supplies: 1 pair of very thin socks, liner socks or polypropylene socks1 pair of thick wool socks or thick polypropylene socks2 sets of sweats or pajamas1 bowl of ice waterDirections: 1.    Soak the pair of thin socks in the bowl of ice


The Castor Oil Pack

Background: The castor bean (Oleum ricini), also know as Palma Christi, due to its shape and healing properties, is known principally as a cathartic (strong laxative when taken internally). A gentler use is in the form of a pack



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