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Dr. Pratt”s Latest Talk on Autism

Check out Dr Pratt’s latest talk that covers autism. The following is an outline of what she covers with the owners of Paleo Valley. Dr. Pratt’s story: 4:03  Why autism rates keep rising:  9:12Common symptoms of Autism: 13:05Different Types


Be Prepared for Flu Season

It’s Flu Season! Getting the flu is no fun and it seems like everyone is getting it this year. This is probably why so many people are asking ‘How can I prevent the flu this year?’. No matter if


Decoding the Neurology and Physiology of SLEEP

Struggling with sleep? Or a parent of a child who struggles with sleep? We can help. The Pratt Clinics is partnering with Colorado Learning Through Movement to bring you: Decoding the Neurology and Physiology of SLEEP  January 27, 2018,



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